Who We Are

ICT West is a flagship project of the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba (ICTAM). Funded by Western Economic Diversification and in collaboration with the governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba and the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), we are making a global impact by providing tactical and practical support to western Canadian tech companies to three key international events: Web Summit, CES and Mobile World Congress.


What We Do

At each of these events, ICT West uses a tried and true process to provide delegates with strategic guidance and business development support. This proven methodology enables tech companies from across western Canada to be incredibly effective at using international events as a prime sales and business development medium.

About Us


About Us


About Us




Collaborate with our team to identify local, national and international prospects.


We showcase your company’s tech expertise to make sure you’re noticed by the right people in the right places.



Success takes careful planning and preparation. Leverage our network, tactical resources and customized support to make a winning impression on your prospects.

The Companies

ICT West is composed of companies from all sectors of the tech industry. From gaming to security systems, app design to software development and everything else you could think of, we’re here to help you introduce your business to the world. By using our knowledge on the strategy and logistics of each event, ICT West supports western Canadian tech companies in growing their businesses.


Our dedicated team coordinates the Western Canadian presence at key international technology events. Before, during and after the shows, we facilitate meeting matching, host networking receptions and help companies make the connections they need to succeed.

Kay Gardiner

Project Lead

Lasha Glennie

Project Officer

Clara Buelow

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Cindy Pearson

Regional Manager,
British Columbia

Marie Savostianik

Regional Manager, Saskatchewan

Our headquarters are in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
435 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1Y6

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“If you really want to make an impact in this industry, you have to be at these global shows.”

Dan Burgar, Archiact

“This year was particularly good for us, we had lots of good meetings. We’re very happy with ICT West for setting us up in this lovely space here. There are 2 meeting rooms with full access to soundproof meetings, there’s networking events everyday and we’re meeting new contacts that we didn’t know where present here and even some local contacts from back in Vancouver, so it’s great.”

Faris, PressReader

“ICT West has been fantastic. Couldn’t have asked for more support.” 

Bryan Tomie, Todo Mobile

“We chose to come as part of the ICT West delegation because they have a lot of good benefits for people coming to CES.”

Lezli Giguere, QuirkLogic

“There’s no better organization to partner with than ICT West. Without that organization, I know we would have been lost in the shuffle.”

Serese Selanders, Kasiel Solutions

“It’s been great to be part of the ICT West delegation at CES. We’ve gotten a lot of meetings with big companies. Normally it’s really difficult to get a meeting and ICT West provided us with this kind of opportunity to meet with these companies. It’s been a great experience for us.”

Emre Birol, Connio

“Honestly, ICT West has been a lot of help to us especially with making introductions to international players, the media and also some investment opportunities so we really appreciate it, it’s been great.”

Omar Eleryan, Cleo Robotics

“Coming to a conference like this with ICT West gives you a community that you’re working with. ICT West has been fantastic. They’ve helped us by reaching out to us and guiding us. It’s made the whole experience much more seamless than it would have been trying to do it by ourselves.”

Chet Fong, Guideloom

“I really appreciate the support, this has been amazing, I cannot believe how big this event is and coming to Portugal with ICT West was great.”

Joshua Fraser, Data Nerds

“I find that coming here as a community and being able to collaborate and network with some of the prospects over here is absolutely wonderful. It really is quite encouraging to come as a group instead of alone”

Mouneeb Shahid, 2 Web Design

“MWC was amazing. It provided me with the opportunity to see cutting-edge technologies and trends, to attend keynote sessions and learn from world experts in the field, and to network and meet with like-minded professionals excited about changing the world with technology.”

Adrian Moise, Aequilibrium

Anything we asked for, ICT West would help.

Craig Slagel, Founder RunGo

“I was super impressed at how [ICT West] reached out to us, asking ‘What do you need? What can we help you with? Who do you want to connect with?’ There’s no way we would have figured that out on our own.”

Katherine Regnier, CEO of Coconut Calendar

“With ICT West’s help, we were able to meet with potential investors, connect with other ed tech companies from around the world – and lay the foundations for establishing partnerships with companies like Google.”

Suzanne Braun, Quipped Interactive Learning Tools

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