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Breaking down the Branham

August 5, 2016 |

What you need to know about the Branham300 report

Every year, the Branham300 report lists Canada’s top public and private ICT companies by revenue, and is considered the definitive listing for this sector.

This year marks the 23rd edition of the report, with numbers reflecting another new record for Canadian tech companies. The ICT industry outperformed expectations this year for Branham, noting that they were surprised by the size of the Top 250 total.

Here’s what you need to know about the report:

2015 ICT industry total revenue: $96.1 billion
This is up from $90.9 billion in 2014, a year-over-year increase of 5.7 per cent.

Western Canadian Sector

The Western provinces made up 28 per cent of the 2015 national totals – here’s a province-by-province breakdown of highlights in their ICT sectors:


BC graph$15.27 billion in revenue for 2015 represents a 7.4 per cent increase from last year for the province. B.C. contributed 16.4 per cent of the national total for 2015, with 41 companies in the top 250.

Biggest company: TELUS (Vancouver). The wireless and internet service company grew six per cent in 2015 and became the second largest company in Canada in revenue in 2015, up from fourth place in 2014.

Branham listed Intrynsic Technologies, a wireless software solutions company, as B.C.’s top Mover and Shaker. The Vancouver-based company grew by 25 per cent in 2015 to earn a ranking of 151, up from 176 in 2014.


AB graphAlberta companies contributed $5.34 billion in revenue in 2015, a .8 per cent increase from 2014. This figure represents 9.6 per cent of the national total for 2015. 24 Alberta companies were featured in the top 250.

Biggest company: Shaw Communications (Calgary). The internet service provider grew nine per cent in 2015 and held on to its 2014 ranking of seventh overall.

The highest-ranked Alberta company listed as a Mover and Shaker by Branham for 2015 is Calgary’s Sylogist, a mobile workforce solutions company, that grew by 56 per cent to earn a ranking of 122, a jump from 137 in 2014.


SK graphManitoba contributed 1.2 per cent to the national total in 2015, for a total of $1.15 billion.

Saskatchewan companies earned a total of $768 million in 2015, contributing .8 per cent to the national total.

Biggest company: SaskTel (Regina). The wireless and internet provider grew four per cent in 2015 and is the 20th largest company in Canada, up from 22nd in 2014. Saskatchewan contributed

One other Saskatchewan company cracked the top 250 – Vendasta (Saskatoon), a marketing automation and online reputation management service, entered the list for the first time in 2015, growing 61 per cent from 2014.


MB graphBiggest company: MTS (Winnipeg). Manitoba Telecom Services provides wireless, internet and security services to Manitobans and grew by one per cent in 2015, falling to 24th place from 17th in 2014. The company was sold to BCE, the largest ICT company in Canada, in May of 2016.

Two other Manitoba companies were featured in the top 250; agriculture software company AgJunction moved down to 90th place from 84th last year and Novra Technologies, a network internet applications firm, grew 44 per cent to earn a spot at 248 on the list. Both companies operate out of Winnipeg.

Interactive Map

New for this year’s Branham300 report is an interactive map. Use the map to browse the Top 250 list by location, view multinationals operating in Canada, read about up and comers, the top five Movers and Shakers and their company stories.

Learn more about the Branham300 report at: