Coconut Calendar puts tech to work instead of working on the tech

Coconut Calendar puts tech to work instead of working on the tech

October 22, 2015 |

When Coconut Calendar was selected to exhibit at Web Summit and joined the Western Canadian delegation, CEO Katherine Regnier said she was petrified.

She knew the conference would be a great opportunity for networking and professional development, but was overwhelmed by its sheer volume, from the number of delegates and receptions, to the masses of technology and high caliber speakers.

ICT West helped her find her way through.

“I was super impressed at how they reached out to us, asking ‘What do you need? What can we help you with? Who do you want to connect with?’ There’s no way we would have figured that out on our own.”

In addition to “friendly, proactive” support, ICT West provided Regnier’s team with networking time in the ICT West booth. There, they were paired with another Canadian software company, one that is now a potential partner.

Networking also led Regnier to a potential mentorship with Venture Capitalist Neal Dempsey. At the conference Investor Lounge, she was identified as a candidate for the exciting opportunity. By spring, she will find out if she is one of three entrepreneurs who will spend 30 days building their strength under Dempsey’s tutelage in Silicon Valley.

“Making that connection was a huge win, even if it doesn’t come through,” said Regnier.

The entire Web Summit experience has opened her eyes to where technology is going and where Coconut Calendar needs to be, she said. She was most inspired by smart home technology and its use of artificial intelligence.

We may all soon be living with a security system that learns our daily routines and warns us of suspect behavior, or a refrigerator that suggests recipes based on its contents.

“The biggest take-away is to have technology work for you, instead of you working on the technology,” said Regnier. Her team left Web Summit on a mission to apply this to their work.

With Regnier’s vision, Coconut Calendar will be able to put tech to work for us, telling us, for example, when we are due for a haircut and advising us to book one of its suggested days when both when your stylist and you are available.

We always go to our screen and the screen tells us what to do, she explains.
Our screens should come to us and tell us what we need.

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