Gaming for the greater good

August 30, 2016 |

Project Whitecard is an award-winning Winnipeg-based company taking on the gaming world with ‘serious games’ that go beyond entertainment alone.

After leaving his position as a web developer at CBC 10 years ago, Khaled Shariff founded his company and went on to work with Canadian Space Agency, producing two projects that led to work with NASA.

Shariff has now joined ICT West as a delegate to promote his tech in health and cultural practices.

“I wanted to build games and work at a deeper and younger level. Hopefully once you play our games you’ll be a bit smarter,” said Shariff of the company’s educational games.

“There are a lot of things that people are missing from the world – we fill up our time with films and media, but VR and game technology can connect us to a world that’s ahead of the curve and really rewarding.”

When developing his game, Star Rangers, Shariff also won funding from the Canada Media Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the University of California Irvine and the California Academy of Science.

Through his experience working high profile clients and funders, Shariff noted that partnerships can be difficult to manage, but the sooner you’re exposed to partnerships and to pitches, the better.

“Forming partnerships is very tricky, any help you can help you can have in terms of creating a network is always recommended and I’m speaking from experience.”

“In corporate culture, any time you can build relationships at conferences is great. I have found that out the hard way. With ICT West in my ring, I’m better prepared and better off. It’s a very competitive world but we have advantages through the Canadian government with small enterprise activity. There are excellent projects around and ICT West will help with that.”

Project Whitecard is also experimenting with using virtual reality for medical applications. Shariff noted that Alzheimer’s is one of several diseases he believes can one day be treated and prevented through VR.

“We’re working with groups researching how VR can treat Alzheimer’s. We have apps that we’re working on with them with funding that can expand our footprint in VR applications and health fields aggressively with very visible clients. You’ll hear some exciting news from us very soon, as early as October,” he said.

“I’m really looking forward to traveling with ICT West and meeting the people that they have coming into town to take more meetings and talk about my developments. And I’m really looking forward to Web Summit and CES,” said Shariff.



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