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October 21, 2015 |

The software by Winnipeg-based Quipped Interactive Learning Tools provides teachers with a flexible environment to collect, analyze and communicate their students’ progress.

The bleeding edge approach means the code used is something that may have been written just days ago and is now being actively developed and continually improved along with the software it’s used in, says Quipped’s Chief Technology Officer James Black.

The advantage of bleeding edge is that it evolves faster, says Black. “It’s exciting to work with new concepts and ideas, something big thinkers and great developers are looking for,” says Black.

Finding more like-minded edu-tech companies from Europe and around the world was one of the main reasons for Quipped to join ICT West. Being part of the first delegation to Web Summit in Dublin meant that the company could lay the groundwork for finding synergies and introduced the potential for partnerships with companies like Google.

ICT West shines a light on what’s happening right here in Western Canada, too. For example, when Black’s team first began work on QUIO, they searched for a framework they could build on to accomplish the objectives of software. Their search was worldwide – one that took them on a journey that ended right where they started, at home in Winnipeg. (Any chance/reason to elaborate on this?)

“We have so much talent here,” says Black. The work that’s been completed on QUIO is indicative of the world-class development that can be done in Western Canada.

“You can quickly validate an idea using technology with the talent we have here,” he says.

“We may have been overlooked in the past, but if you look a little closer you can see how successful we’ve been.”

ICT West makes it possible for the world to take notice.

Learn more about Quipped Interactive Learning Tools, visit quio.ca