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August 10, 2016 |

PressReader is pursuing international partnerships to connect even more people through news.

As a service that provides news content in more than 60 languages, the company saw Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress as perfect opportunity reach audiences audiences worldwide through the companies who attend.

ICT West was an important part of making it happen. “We loved ICT West at Mobile World Congress!” said Frédéric Sitterlé, a market developer with PressReader.

The Richmond, B.C.-based company runs a multi-platform app that offers access to the world’s largest collection of all-you-can-read magazines and newspapers.

The ICT West team helped arrange meetings and make introductions with businesses they wanted to connect with, said Kristin Eberth, director of marketing and communications for PressReader.

“Our goal was primarily to connect with key contacts at major B2B prospects, and ICT West was instrumental in helping to facilitate those meetings,” said Eberth.

“A number of them have evolved into large scale business conversations. I think you’ll see a lot more from PressReader in the telco space in coming months as a result.”

They recently partnered with a new satellite service that enables people in remote locations around the world to access to their 5,000 newspapers and magazines.

PressReader also announced a new partnership with hotel chain Dusit International to provide their guests with full access to content, replacing the traditional newspaper you’d find outside your room in the morning.

The Dusit Group has 22 hotels across Asia, Africa and North America, and now offers the PressReader app at 15 of them in cities such as Bangkok, Dubai and Baa Atoll in the Maldives.

The hotel chain joins libraries, cafés, corporate offices, airport lounges, airlines and cruise lines throughout the world offering their guests access to PressReader. You can use PressReader’s HotSpot Map to find the nearest business or location to you that subscribes to the service.

“You’ll see many more of these (partnerships) in coming weeks, says Eberth, adding that the company is in advanced talks with a number of major hospitality, travel industry, corporate and telecommunications companies around the world.

She recommends Mobile World Congress specifically to companies in telecommunications and manufacturing.

“(MWC) is a great event because of both its size and how relatively targeted it is when compared with, say, CES, which serves a different purpose and a wider demographic. For networking in the telco/device manufacturing industries, MWC is a must-do,” she said.

“Try to focus on who you really want to meet and building a couple of great connections. By focusing on the specific handful of connections you want to make that can really have an impact on your business, you can prioritize your meetings and networking events much more effectively.”

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