RunGo’s Route to Success

October 22, 2015 |

RunGo Founder Craig Slagel used the app he created every morning while he was in Dublin, Ireland, to keep fit and enjoy scenic running routes. With every step, he was also getting closer to his goals as an ICT West delegate attending Web Summit.

“At Web Summit, we identified that our app offered travellers the biggest value,” he said.

RunGo’s audible turn-by-turn navigation is a stand-out feature for travellers who want to keep up their fitness routine and discover a new city – without getting lost.

“Web Summit had a lot of those types of people there, and it was perfect for us,” said RunGo Ninjo Alicia Woodside.

The targeted feedback helped boost Slagel’s confidence. ”When you develop something, you see the problems,” he said. “We had so many great reviews, we realized it is ready for the mass market.”

RunGo was introduced to hundreds of people at their conference booth and at the large, main floor Western Canadian booth, where each delegate was able to spend time to promote their business.

“We were shocked how busy it was and how much traffic we had,” Slagel said.

He and Woodside agree the networking experience was most valuable, and strongly enhanced by the support of ICT West.

“One of the big benefits was the team-like feeling with the Canadian delegation,” said Woodside.

ICT West facilitated connections prior to Web Summit, with a meet-and-greet that bolstered their overall success. The event set the foundation for their team spirit, which held throughout the conference.

“There were times when we would reconnect, get together to share notes, learn from each other, and discuss what other companies are doing that’s working,” said Woodside.

Slagel said that being part of the team gave more weight to his company and helped garner extra media attention. It also meant support beyond what he expected.

“Anything we asked for, [ICT West] would help,” he said.

On the day Woodside had to fly out early, ICT West Project Lead Kay Gardiner stepped in to help drive traffic to the RunGo booth.

“Having an extra person there was very nice,” said Slagel. “I had been talking non-stop for hours!”

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