ICT West at Web Summit 2016

The Canadian Advantage – Leveraging the Canada Brand for International Growth

September 18, 2017 |

International tech events are crowded and exhilarating, filled with buyers looking for the next great thing and vendors intent on getting their goods (and brands) noticed. In these amplified environments, it can be easy for SMEs to get lost, obscured by their bigger, louder neighbours. And with so many vendors clamoring for attention, proving credibility is critical to attract discerning partners, investors and clients.

Joining a Canadian trade delegation gives your brand the opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. It also increases your company’s legitimacy in the global market by aligning your brand with that of a country that is recognized worldwide as a leader in business and innovation.

Why Canada?

Canadian companies are making waves and garnering respect in international markets. As a country we’re coming of age and the Canada Brand is becoming a source of confidence on the global stage. According to Export Development Canada, the top international perceptions of the Canadian brand around the globe are:

  1. Land of natural resources and open spaces
  2. Resource rich
  3. Good reputation
  4. Innovative
  5. Trustworthy
  6. Multicultural

Canada leads the G7 in social progress, overall living conditions and quality of life, economic freedom, democracy, and overall reputation. We have a reputation as inclusive, accommodating and open to new ideas, which sets the stage for industry-leading innovation. Canadian companies are largely perceived as honest and trustworthy, progressive and stable. Right now, the opportunity is there for tech companies to use the national brand to their advantage as they take their place on the international stage.

Aligning with the Canada Brand

From the start, Canada has been a land of innovation – and now our reputation is catching up to reflect that. We have given the world some of the best world-changing inventions, including the telephone, JAVA and insulin. Canada’s strong fiscal position enables the country to offer generous tax incentives, resulting in a diverse and welcoming business community. By joining a Canadian trade delegation, you’re telling the world that company is progressive, inclusive and innovative. Our country’s reputation for political and financial stability, as well as fair labour practices and equal rights, gives investors and partners assurance that your supply chain is unlikely to be interrupted by upheaval.

As Kevin Lynch, Tiff Macklem and David Soberman wrote in the Globe and Mail, “a compelling Canada brand attracts customers the world over to buy and invest in Canada, it is a source of confidence for Canadians – a key ingredient to successfully competing in global markets – and it can co-ordinate governments across Canada around what we want to be.


Join a Trade Delegation Today

Becoming an ICT West delegate means joining a team of Western Canadian tech companies making a global impact, unified under the trusted and respected Canada brand. We provide shared, Canadian-branded booth space on the show floor to promote and support the companies we work with. With display screens for company logos, casual meeting space, daily networking events, printed marketing materials and more, the booth is your home base for the duration of these events. Our Trade Team works the booth so you can focus on building your network and taking meetings. Even when you’re out walking the show floor, our presence and team act as an extension of business so you can make the most of every opportunity. Canada’s reputation for exemplary products, companies and innovations garners deep respect around the world. Leveraging the Canada brand can translate into opportunities for growth and competitive advantages for tech businesses.