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Thin insole prevents complications for diabetics

January 14, 2016 |

Diabetics have a new way to manage one of the most common complications of the disease, thanks to technology developed by Calgary’s Orpyx Medical Technologies.

Half of all diabetics eventually lose the feeling in their feet. It’s a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Because they have no feeling, patients aren’t aware of the damage that’s occurring. The results are often foot ulcers, infection and even amputation.

Orpyx’s flagship product, the SurroSense Rx™, helps prevent these debilitating complications by monitoring foot pressure. The system collects pressure data from the foot through thin shoe insert then wirelessly sends information to the user via a smartwatch.

“The display alerts the user as to when potential pressure-induced damage is occurring so that the patient can react to avoid devastating complications, such as ulcers and amputation,” said Chan Mean, marketing manager for Orpyx.

Orpyx is one of the ICT West team of delegate companies that participated in CES, held in Las Vegas in January 2016.

“ICT West provides support and networking opportunities with players across the globe,” Mean said.

The Orpyx team has attended CES before but had some specific goals for the 2016 event including seeking out new technologies for integration in the product line focusing on smartwatches and bands as well as meeting with medical device distributors for the SurroSense Rx™.

“We’d like to develop partnerships with other medical device companies to expand the product offering,” Mean said.

Dr. Breanne Everett created Orpyx in 2010 after seeing first hand the complications that arise from peripheral neuropathy. She’s a medical doctor and resident in the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Calgary.

Beyond diabetic foot monitoring and amputation prevention, the technology has endless possibilities, including the prevention of pressure sores, better healthcare for those suffering from other chronic diseases and boosting the performance of athletes. Orpyx has a goal of becoming a world leader in innovating and developing wearable sensor-based technologies and sensory substitution systems that provide consumers with quality solutions to better cope with disease and improve overall quality of life.

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