Wearing their heart on their sleeve

August 31, 2016 |

Winnipeg’s KOMODO Technologies is set to debut the world’s first consumer compression sleeve for activity tracking and heart monitoring at CES this January.

When worn against the body, the precise sensors in the AIO Smart Sleeve and AIO M.D. collect and report information including heartbeat, sleep analysis, intensity of activity and electrocardiogram monitoring more accurately than other wrist wearables.

“It’s our first run at things, at the CES show next year,” said Elvis Goren, the company’s founder. “Being at show like that and being able to introduce people to the future of wearables is very exciting. We’ve secured 400 preorders for the AIO Sleeve and eager to see what CES can bring,” said Goren.

“We want to present [our product] properly. It’s unique – the only compression sleeve-based wearable on the consumer market. Having a presence at a show is huge.”

CES is the world’s gathering place for consumer technologies, where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

“Our main goal is to show the new design and demonstrate why it’s better than wrist-based wearables. We’ve added a bunch of features, like electrocardiogram monitoring and blood oxygen sensors,” said Goren.

Before the January show, KOMODO is working with manufacturers in China and honing their tech by working with high-performance athletes, in order to better understand and serve the fitness market.

“We’re working with several pro teams and universities. Getting validation from athletes and trainers, getting their feedback and seeing what information they want to see is an integral part of our app development.”

Though they’re focused on the fitness market for the time being, Goren knows there’s potential to move beyond it to new industries.

“The field of medical wearables is still very new and shows a lot of promise. We have been able to nearly perfect full-time ECG monitoring. We’re one of the very few, if not only, companies to do so,” said Goren.

KOMODO Technologies’ AIO Sleeve is available now for pre-order at their website here.

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