Magnetic Attraction

June 8, 2016 |

How can Earth’s magnetic field be used to measure active motion?

SoundOfMotion, an award-winning sport performance monitoring company in Vancouver, has engineered the first wearable technology that uses the planet’s magnetic field to accurately gauge motion and activity in multiple sports.

Like a compass, SoundOfMotion’s 3Dmotion Smart Sensor tracks the pivotal motion of the wearer relative to the North Pole with high precision, translating its spatial orientation into readable data.

Though it may sound complex, the motion tracker was actually invented as a way to simplify the fitness tracking process.

Vlad Savchenko, the inventor of the 3Dmotion Smart Sensor and founder of SoundOfMotion, is a multi-sport athlete. Through participating in many activities, he sought a way to consolidate his many sport-specific fitness trackers into one tool that can reliably measure all sport motion.

He engineered the 3Dmotion Smart Sensor to use magnetic field-sensing technology to accurately measure speed and rhythm whether you’re pedaling on a bicycle, tracking your strokes while rowing or measuring your golf swing.

In contrast to traditional accelerometer or gyro, the magnetic field-powered sensor uses very little power and is resistant to errors from extraneous vibrations. SoundOfMotion’s firmware can also be updated instantly, so athletes can switch between different activities in seconds. The sensor also supports standard Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology, used by Garmin in sport watches and cycling monitors.

SoundOfMotion attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to showcase the 3Dmotion Smart Sensor and find partners in Europe. It was Savchenko’s first time at the MWC since 2011. He was compelled to return based on the popularity of wearables at the congress.

“Wearables are part of mobile now. There have been lots of changes since 2011 – last time it wasn’t even on the radar,” says Savchenko.

Last year, the company’s flagship wearable product, the VeloComputer, received the Eurobike Award for Design and Innovation at the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The VeloComputer Smart Sensor can detect forward and reverse wheel motion with one-inch, 25 mm precision and is 100 times more accurate than any traditional cycling speed sensor.

SoundOfMotion was also a finalist in Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010 and 2011. They have been featured at TEDActive, DEMO and were listed by PC Magazine as a top 10 bike gadgets with additional media in Pro-cycling magazine,, Popular Science and more.

“We are different. We develop technologies so we want to talk to people who make products. ICT West was a great help and the contacts were tremendous. So far, we’re really pleased,” says Savchenko.

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