Sharing the stories that matter

February 2, 2016 |

Bernadette Butler was afraid her children wouldn’t remember her. In the midst of a high-risk pregnancy, she worried that if she died, her legacy would come down to a handful of repeated stories her children would hear from others.

Happily, she survived ­— and she found a renewed commitment to finding ways for families everywhere to be able to preserve their stories.

Butler is the founder and CEO of LeftStuff, tools that offer an easy and affordable way for people to save their history, traditions and other important life, estate and family “stuff.”

Butler lost her father seven years ago. “My kids never met their grandfather, but they can ‘meet’ him,” through the recordings of his advice and family history he left behind. “They can see his personality,” says Butler, who has recorded personal memoirs since 2003.

LeftStuff’s guided storytelling video platform allows people to craft their own memoirs. Self-interview prompts keep people on point, while each answer is captured individually, allowing for “re-dos” without starting from scratch. People can create a video without the use of video-editing software, or any “hurt-your-brain computer stuff” to figure out, says Butler.

Users choose from video guides at and select the questions they want to answer to come up as prompts while they record using a webcam. LeftStuff stitches the answers together in a video that users can watch, download and share with others.

Butler brought Left Stuff Inc. to Dublin’s Web Summit as a part of the delegation from ICT West. The venue, “the best technology conference on the planet,” was an important opportunity for her to connect with media, investors and consumers.

“It was great to have another interested party there to help map out our goals and to offer guidance. (Going to an international show) is a significant investment,” says Butler, with travel expenses, application fees and more. Space in high-traffic spots to showcase your business comes at a premium. ICT West ensures maximum exposure and the benefit of working with the ICT West team and other delegates.

Web Summit brought other opportunities, including hearing from others about the different ways they could see for using LeftStuff, including capturing stories of a business for a company history, or to celebrate a landmark anniversary.

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