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ICT West at CES 2017

Connect with the companies that made up the ICT West delegation at CES 2017 on the Tech Directory.

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Delegate Benefits

Becoming an ICT West delegate means joining a community of Western Canadian tech companies making a global impact. Our team knows the shows and wants your company to succeed. Meeting matching services, booth space and marketing support are just a few of the services we offer.

  • A Shared Home Base

    A Shared Home Base

  • Trade Commissioner Introductions

    Trade Commissioner Introductions

  • Digital Promotion

    Digital Promotion

  • Free Show Passes

    Free Show Passes

  • Private Networking Events

  • Respected Canada Brand

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“We chose to come as part of the ICT West delegation because they have a lot of good benefits for people coming to CES.”


Lezli Giguere, QuirkLogic

“There’s no better organization to partner with than ICT West. Without that organization, I know we would have been lost in the shuffle.”


Serese Selanders, Kasiel Solutions

“It’s been great to be part of the ICT West delegation at CES. We’ve gotten a lot of meetings with big companies. Normally it’s really difficult to get a meeting and ICT West provided us with this kind of opportunity to meet with these companies. It’s been a great experience for us.”


Emre Birol, Connio

“Honestly, ICT West has been a lot of help to us especially with making introductions to international players, the media and also some investment opportunities so we really appreciate it, it’s been great.”


Omar Eleryan, Cleo Robotics

Anything we asked for, ICT West would help.


Craig Slagel, Founder RunGo