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ICT West at Web Summit 2016

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Delegate Benefits

Becoming an ICT West delegate means joining a community of Western Canadian tech companies making a global impact. Our team knows the shows and wants your company to succeed. Meeting matching services, booth space and marketing support are just a few of the services we offer.

  • A Shared Home Base

    A Shared Home Base

  • Trade Commissioner Introductions

    Trade Commissioner Introductions

  • Digital Promotion

    Digital Promotion

  • Free Show Passes

    Free Show Passes

  • Private Networking Events

  • Respected Canada Brand

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“Coming to a conference like this with ICT West gives you a community that you’re working with. ICT West has been fantastic. They’ve helped us by reaching out to us and guiding us. It’s made the whole experience much more seamless than it would have been trying to do it by ourselves.”


Chet Fong, Guideloom

“I really appreciate the support, this has been amazing, I cannot believe how big this event is and coming to Portugal with ICT West was great.”


Joshua Fraser, Data Nerds

“I find that coming here as a community and being able to collaborate and network with some of the prospects over here is absolutely wonderful. It really is quite encouraging to come as a group instead of alone”


Mouneeb Shahid, 2 Web Design

“With ICT West’s help, we were able to meet with potential investors, connect with other ed tech companies from around the world – and lay the foundations for establishing partnerships with companies like Google.”


Suzanne Braun, Quipped Interactive Learning Tools