David Snell

Smarter security

June 8, 2016 |

FusionPipe, a Vancouver-based leader in authentication and data security, used Mobile World Congress (MWC) as a platform to launch their newest authentication product, QuikID™ Smart.

QuikID™ Smart is the first authenticator that uses the software on your smartphone or wearable to replace expensive hardware like smart cards and readers to generate a secure password.

The technology is designed to hit the sweet spot between security and user convenience, using proximity-based authentication to replace physical smart cards. QuikID™ Smart users will no longer need to keep track of expensive authentication hardware like card readers, fobs or USB connectors.

ICT West helped FusionPipe connect with investors and key contacts at MWC.

“Having a presence at the booth was a godsend for us,” says David Snell, CEO and chairman of FusionPipe. “Everyone was absolutely fantastic, we had one-on-one meetings, visibility at the booth and were able to talk to people who are attracted to us.”

For a smaller organization like FusionPipe, Snell is grateful for the support ICT West is able to provide companies like his at MWC. With ICT West’s help, they earned 15 new international business opportunities.

“How do you get above the noise at the Mobile World Congress? There’s no way we could have done that alone.”

Their hardware-replacing technology isn’t FusionPipe’s first innovative solution. Last year, the company collaborated on a six-month project with students from the University of British Columbia on an application for the Myo armband (a wearable motion control device) – creating a hands-free method for physicians and healthcare professionals to use mobile devices without touching them.

Each time a doctor or healthcare professional touches a smartphone or tablet while working, they must sterilize their hands before touching another surface. A hands-free way to use technology in a healthcare context will create new efficiencies.

After MWC, FusionPipe announced their entry on the 2016 Ready to Rocket list for B.C. based ICT companies. The list is presented to investors, professional advisors and government officials to profile companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth in the coming year.

This year’s Ready to Rocket listing is the latest accolade for FusionPipe. The company was also a B.C. Technology Industry Association finalist for the Most Promising Start Up in 2014 & 2015, a Top 20 Innovative Company in 2014 on the Canadian Innovation Exchange and a 2015 Startup Canada Innovation Award Nominee and Senior Entrepreneur Award Winner.

Learn more about FusionPipe at fusionpipe.com