Smarter tech, smarter conferences

June 8, 2016 |

After his first visit to Mobile World Congress 2016, Stephen Kong, president and CEO of ThinkEco Power Systems, has some advice for anyone visiting the show.

“Focus, focus, focus. I almost think that one should mentally target the companies you want to meet and know exactly what the objective of the meeting is even before your trip to Barcelona,” he says.
He credits ICT West and the government delegations for alleviating the logistics of planning and meeting contacts during the show.

“Whenever we needed to pick someone’s brains as to how we should pitch, or make emergency arrangements for meeting rooms, they were always there for us. Honestly, it would have been very difficult for a company like ours to be a part of such a global event if not for the BC government and ICT West.”

ThinkEco Power Systems uses existing household technology to create safe, new efficiencies in how you power your home. Their Nimbus solution, a smart grid system, is a clean technology device that aims to be in every home and business in British Columbia.

When activated, the technology provides energy consumers and utility companies with real-time efficiency and performance feedback for significant savings cost-saving information.

Kong knew there was a market for his tech at MWC, even when things didn’t go according to plan.

When company representatives he was due to meet with did not show up to their meeting, he turned a missed opportunity into potential new business by keeping his ears open.

“I was at an empty table and I overheard conversations between two organizations talking about smart city projects – and lo and behold I’m now in discussions to join them on an all expense paid trip to Europe!”

ThinkEco is also involved in smart city technologies that aim to employ internet-enabled devices and big data to recognize and prevent things like road accidents and crime.

At a global event like MWC, he recommends that people be prepared to do business through translators.

“Recognize that language and cultural barriers can also a big hindrance to any discussion. Be sure that you bring an interpreter with you if you need to get a deal done quickly,” says Kong.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the show and the scale of the event. It was massive and people were eager to do deals unlike other similar events –you’ll never know who you’ll end up meeting in there.”

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