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Wearable devices for a healthier working world

December 29, 2015 |

Over 100 million people are glancing at their wearable devices right now, checking to see of they’re on track when it comes to steps, calories or sleep quality. Fitness trackers are here to stay. But what happens to all that collected data? A Calgary-based company is putting it to good use.

At just over two years old, Vivametrica is rallying for a healthier, more productive work force. The company collects and assesses data from fitness devices with the goal of healthier employees who miss fewer days as a result of poor health. The Conference Board of Canada says employee sick days add up to over $7 billion in lost wages every year.

Vivametrica is currently working on a pilot project with Fraser Health in British Columbia where employees are monitored — with privacy being paramount — through their wearable devices. “We can provide them with information on how they can improve their wellness,” Hu said. Back pain, depression, heart health and chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes are the biggest contributors to missed work days.

“There was a big gap in the translation of the data and being able to use it,” said Dr. Richard Hu, co-founder of the company. Vivametrica is one of the ICT West team of delegate companies headed to CES, held in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Hu and his team have a packed agenda for CES. They plan to continue to raise the profile of the company and look for potential clients. Hu said a big plus to being at CES is to see what the device manufacturers have on the horizon when it comes to new features and applications. He expects the accuracy of sensors to take a big leap.

“New devices will be able to measure skin response — your sweating in other words, blood pressure without the use of a cuff and even blood glucose levels,” he said.

Hu added that he’ll use his time at CES to lobby for data standardization among the devices.

“There has to be a level of assurance for all parties involved,” he said.

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