wearables to keep kids inline

Wearables to keep kids inline

February 16, 2016 |

Medical Wearable Solutions is a relatively new company but its mission is as old as parenthood: to keep kids safe while at play

We’re familiar with the scene – ­a child hunched over a mobile device or tablet and it’s clear just by looking their necks are craned in an awkward position. Gameboy Disease is a newly defined condition caused by the constant use of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and other gaming systems.

The disease is often visible in children age eight to18, but prevention can start as early as age three. In children, bone responds in the same way as wood—if you force it in a certain direction over a prolonged period, it will grow in that direction. EyeForcer, developed by Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab, FRCP and co-founder of Medical Wearable Solutions Ltd., is a wearable device that can help prevent Gameboy Disease by monitoring the angle between the head and trunk of a child playing a device or tablet.

The device, made up of hardware and an app, will only keep the device in-play when certain angles are maintained by the child. The wearable device monitors posture and can add playing time (overall time limits are set by parents, of course) as a reward for good posture. If angles and posture are not maintained, the app will shut-down the game and activity can only be resumed with parental permission.

As a doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab became interested in the field of wearables back in 2013. “When a medical journal published a paper outlining the injuries and chronic pain children were experiencing from extended periods of playing games on tablets and mobile devices, as a father of three, I knew there was something missing in the marketplace,” shares Dr. Sahiholnasab.

Medical Wearble Solutions looked to CES to raise awareness and educate those in the field that there is now a wearable solution to prevent more children from suffering from pain and discomfort. EyeForcer is currently in beta-testing and will be fine-tuned before the go-to market stage.

Attending CES with ICT West provided Medical Wearable Solutions the opportunity to meet other companies in the wearable device field and help to find a strategic partner to help take EyeForcer into the marketplace.

Learn more about Medical Wearable Solutions, visit medicalwearablesolutions.com